Living Longer, Healthy Aging

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We are living longer than ever before.

The goal for most of us as we age is to add life to our years and not simply years to our life. So how can we remain vigorous and active as we age?

 As the old saying goes:  An ounce of prevention (especially with the rising costs of prescriptions and medical care) is worth a pound of cure. A lot of the prescription drugs we take are not only expensive, many of them are potentially dangerous and have a lot of potential side effects. 

 Like millions of other people I take supplements everyday, but could never be sure if they did any good.  It was all guess work.  But that’s all changed. The ability to personalize and customize nutritional supplements based on your DNA and your lifestyle is now a reality. Imagine Personal Nutrition that is directly tied to your Body’s Actual Genetic Code. Now you can take the right supplements for your body. No more guessing. 

 After over a decade of scientific research GeneLink is introducing new cutting edge DNA technology that is truly revolutionary into the marketplace. All you do is take a healthy aging assessment, with a simple swab test, that’s as easy as brushing your teeth.  GeneLink will assess 12 areas that can be helped by supplements.  It’s been scientifically proven. 

   CNN 4/12/08 Report on Genetics

“People with a family history of certain medical conditions can plan for their futures by understanding their health risks.”

 Isn’t this the time for you be taking the supplements that can help you remain healthier as you age? 

 Genewize supplements are tailor made to your DNA.  There is no guessing. When it comes to vitamins, one size does not fit all—cannot fit all.  How could it?

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Health & Wellness Opportunity Review: GeneWize Life Science

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Health and Wellness Opportunity Review:  GeneWize Life Science

GeneWize Life Sciences is a network marketing company that is breaking new ground in the fields of health and beauty. Instead of one-size-fits-all nutrition supplements and cosmetics, GeneWize is one of the first companies ever to market products customized to suit individual needs based on genetic testing. A concept this revolutionary is bound to make big waves in the industry! Set to launch August 1, 2008, GeneWize is seeking qualified leaders to join its team now.

GeneWize is a direct subsidiary of the publicly traded biosciences company, GeneLink. Following its launch, GeneWize will be emerging into a $100 billion-plus healthcare, nutrition supplement and cosmetic industry. (OTCBB:GNLK)

GeneLink has long been a pioneer in the field of genetic testing, with a team of highly qualified scientists, comprized of leaders in the fields of biotechnology, genomics, molecular biology, chemistry, medicine, and nutritional sciences. For over ten years, these researches have been developing and patenting the processes that are the basis of the GeneWize product lines.

Now, GeneLink is ready to bring the breakthrough of DNA-based assessments and wellness products directly to the public through their subsidiary, GeneWize. The mission of GeneWize is “to help people achieve their best possible health futures: to help them look better, feel better, and live longer, healthier lives.”

Both of GeneWize’s product lines, the LifeMap Nutrition System and the Dermagenetics Skin Care System, use genetic testing to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms (pronounced “snips”) in DNA. That may sound complicated or scary, but really it is only a simple saliva test that maps out the deficiencies in your genes. Based on that mapping, specialized ingredients are blended into individual nutrition or skincare products to help meet the needs specific to your genetic makeup. With 98 ingredients and over 177,000 possible combinations, GeneWize can offer the perfect fit to help you look and feel better!

GeneWize customers can begin receiving discounts by referring others to GeneWize. The discount doubles for every referral enrolled in the LifeMap Nutrition System, until the fourth one, at which point, product becomes free. The “Enroll Four and Pay No More” program is just a small way to benefit from sharing GeneWize. Some perks involved with becoming a GeneWize distributor are:

1. 25% Direct Commission on NEW customers and affiliates buying product

2. 10-20% Two Team Sales Bonus for building two sales teams

3. 10-40% Matching Income Bonus for affiliates you enroll up to 4 levels

4. Quarterly Production Bonuses and exciting vacations

For network marketers, the launch of a new company this innovative is a rare occasion. Even at this early stage, it looks as though GeneWize would be a lucrative choice for anyone considering becoming a network marketer, or for experienced network marketers looking to make change or an addition to their business. The timing is perfect. Anyone who joins now, can among the very first to introduce this revolutionary system of nutrition customization to a ripe market. Americans are passionate when it comes to health and well-being, and the potential in genetic testing has piqued the interest of the nation. Undoubtedly, GeneWize is going to be a great opportunity for both the distributor and the buyer.

The Future of Health and Nutrition Thru DNA Testing

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Discover the amazing future of health and nutrition through DNA testing –

GeneLink, a state – of – the – art scientific research company has combined all their efforts for over a decade with the main focus on individual health improvement based on your own personal DNA information. Additionally they have also created a business platform for those looking to invest and build wealth plus personal health, with the official launch scheduled for August 1, 2008. 

One of the company’s main goals has been to make the product both affordable and easy to use for the average consumer. The price target is in the range of a cup of premium coffee. This is creating huge excitement and interest within the professional and in well-informed circles. For those interested there is a relatively low investment structure in place.

The scientific team consists of over 100 years of combined research experience and hundreds of peer reviewed articles in genetics, medicine, biochemistry, nutritional sciences and microbiology. The science team has worked for 10+ years to create a system that combines DNA assessments and formulations designed to transform the burgeoning science of genomics and nutrition into practical benefits.

 Customized DNA guided formula based upon your personal DNA assessment

    Formulated for your specific needs – you no longer take a “one size fits all” product




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